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Freight Transport Interstate

Freight Companies Both courier services and freight services can freight goods interstate, but if you were to choose one, choose freight services because they are suited in the transportation of large or small and valuable items. If you are planning to deliver a pallet from Sydney to Melbourne smoothly then pick courier services because they are more organized and quicker than interstate freight transport companies.

Why Choose freight Services over courier services ?

While businesses across the globe are competing fiercely, the economies in the world favor only those which are fast and efficient. Any businesses could achieve tremendous growth and prosperity if they found out a way to send products and packages faster to their target destination.

There is only one sure way to do that – through Overnight freight transport with DRS. From the time courier services were introduced to the world of delivery services, the speed through which goods are delivered has improved so much. There are no more cases where customers could wait for days before receiving an order, those days are gone. Now day’s companies are hiring Sydney Canberra freight forwarding companies to outsource their shipment delivery as quickly as possible.

It’s normal for businesses to deliver goods to customers in any globalized country within one or two days. Interstate Freight forwarding companies have become their number one option because they are smooth to deal with and they are faster than courier services. Sydney is approximately 1,000 km away from Melbourne, it is possible for freight companies to move your goods by road or rail. But there is the other option of air transport of freighted goods. Freight companies these days face fierce competition so if they don’t perform, it’s not that hard to find another carrier. Freight transport is a perfect way for perishable goods, if you are planning to transport heavy and non perishable goods, use their rail way services or road because they are cheaper.

Well organized experts in the courier industry have cropped up and they are striving to expand their presence/ service centers to most countries in the world with the aim of becoming reliable. They are capable of taking care of international documents and parcels and are able to send various types of commodities such as house-hold items, fabric parts, garments, chemical samples and gifts better than freight services.

Benefits of Courier Services

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Courier services give their customers reason to stop worrying as they provide tracking facilities. Such facilities are meant to ensure that goods do not reach the wrong hands. They also provide identification codes to assure customers that goods would reach the target destination safely. Another benefit for using courier services is their safety auctions which ensure that the parcel would deliver to the particular person. Courier service representatives normally ask for contact details of the recipient from the sender to avoid cases of goods reaching wrong destinations.

Comparison between Courier services and Freight services

From customers’ point of view, courier and freight offer the same services but the operational point of view, these are two different services. Why?
Both can do delivery of shipments from Sydney to Melbourne -That’s how the customer thinks. And it’s true. But courier services do it in one way while the freight services do it in another.

Normally couriers practice door-to-door services and connect to specially designed systems. The systems which they connect are specially designed, they are economical and efficient. Earlier on, courier services were known to deal in small items and documents. But lately courier companies have began to handle large and heavy goods. If you were thinking courier services are unable to do a pallet delivery Sydney to Melbourne, well you are wrong because they can!

Insurance premiums offered by courier services are relatively low and they offer a higher level of security and reduced risk of damage and theft. You can follow the status of your products using a web application during the transportation period to keep constantly updated.


Courier services have a faster turnaround period than freight services. They are made up of a vast network of courier contractors. This is good news for all businesses which aim to save time when moving their products. No matter the size of your pallet, they are very capable of safely moving it more conveniently. So, if you are a business person based in Sydney and Melbourne and need to transport stock between them, choose freight services instead of courier services.

DRS is your Interstate Freight Company

Pallet Services

The pallet is a flat-surface transport structure with bottom deck boards which support goods while in transit. In Australia, it’s designed in such a way that they can easily be lifted with the help of a forklift ,front loader, pallet jack, work-saver or any other related jacking device. When goods are being transported from Sydney To Melbourne, they are usually set on top of a pallet and secured using strapping, shrink wrap or stretch wrap before being shipped. If you’re planning to move items between these two cities, it’s advisable to use a dedicated personal courier rather than general freight-carriers. Their services are more professional and clients have more delivery options compared to the freighters.

Signing up for courier delivery

Those who want to deliver packages quickly and more proficiently should consider personal courier services a great solution. They offer ideal package delivery for large/heavy items which are way too big to be handled by general freight carrier, but not larger enough for private logistical firms. Service options range from same day to next day delivery depending on what you can afford.

The Pallet Transport Sydney To Melbourne courier’s responsibility begins immediately after collecting an item from the client, and ending once that good has officially been shipped and received by the receiver. Therefore, it’s always important that the recipient checks that their goods aren’t damaged before final acquisition. Insurance requests for damaged property may not be accepted, especially after the merchandise has already been signed for and accepted by the owner. If any form of dent is witnessed then don’t sign up for the property but instead contact the shipping company right away for assistance. Nowadays, it’s possible to send items from Sydney To Melbourne via the internet. This can be done in 3 easy steps which include:

I. Entering information on items that need to be moved on the available form
II. Receive free, zero obligation quotations from the company
III. Choose your preferred quote and save


1. The key benefit of using these services over general freighters is that there’s less risk that the package may be lost/damaged during delivery. While sending goods through traditional networks the item may be handled by many intermediaries before reaching the recipient, this greatly increases chances of property getting lost or damaged. But in the case of a courier such things don’t happen, this is because service delivery consists primarily of a single dedicated network where your package shall be collected and distributed with minimal handling.

2. Couriers also provide a variety of options in terms of collecting dates and times, this meaning you can easily schedule a specific collection time that best suits your daily routine.

3. There’s also the advantage of flexible price patterns. There are usually many payment option that range from online cash transfer, bank wiring and so on. Clients can also access competitive online quotes from leading transportation firms within a few minutes, giving them total peace of mind.

4. Insurance is provided. All professional couriers have Goods-in-Transit indemnity services to protect shipped cargo, including relevant car insurance policies that cater for the vehicle being used to transport the items. Companies that don’t provide insurance must be avoided since some damages that are caused by vehicle problems may not be covered.

Arranging for collection

As the recipient, it’s always advisable to check with your personal courier carrier when collecting items before accepting any quote. Their websites often allow users to list their preferred time for collection including the respective delivery dates, this allows for accurate quotes at more affordable prices. Upon finding your preferred courier service provider simply click on the ‘accept bid’ key then pay a minimal booking fee to make the necessary reservations. After completing these simple steps, the courier firm would then contact the client in regards to collection and delivery of items for confirmation on what has just been agreed upon. When sending pallet packages through private courier firms, always check to ensure that they are packaged well. A strong box, some nice brown tape and bubble wrap cover or packing paper would help in keeping the items safe while on transit.

For larger item deliveries such as furniture, bicycle or gardening equipment it’s always recommended to speak to the transport company first. They will advise you on the best ways of packaging the items and avoid potential damage, or may alternatively provide a packing blanket/ strapping to keep these items protected as they are being transported.